The following forms with an asterik (*) are required for obtaining credits. See instructions for more detailed information and steps.
Basic steps for submitting forms to obtain credits:
  • Students are to complete three (3) forms. The students then send the forms to their teachers, not SCC.
  • Teachers will verify the student's submitted forms, sign the forms, and grading.
  • Teachers will combine the three (3) forms into a single PDF and send to Barbara Hayes that includes all of the students' folders to Barbara Hayes' Google or OneDrive.
Forms Link
Request for Credit* PDF
ASL 121 Competency Profile Sheet* PDF
ASL 122 Competency Profile Sheet* PDF
ASL 123 Competency Profile Sheet* PDF
Enrollment Form - ASL 121* PDF
Enrollment Form - ASL 122* PDF
Enrollment Form - ASL 123* PDF
Articulation Agreement PDF